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  I just finished a little huddle with our oldest three children. I explained to them what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend. Since we don’t live all that far from Charlottesville, VA, the first unedited concern of our 7 year old was if the bad guys were going to come close to our house […]

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I know her breath, flow and intention better than I know the features of her face. I know her rhythm and strength more than I know her favorite clothing and hair styles. I know her honest, open heart but I don’t know what type of house she lives in or car she drives. I joined […]

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  • Anne - Loved this! Thank you!

    A friend gave me a picture of us with a quote from C.S. Lewis that states, “In friendship…we think that we have chosen our peers. In reality, a few years different in the date of our births, a few more miles between certain houses, the choice of one university over another…the accident of a topic being raised or not raised at a first meeting — Any of these chances might have kept us apart. But for a Christian, there are strictly speaking, no chances. A secret Master of Ceremonies has been at work. Christ, who said to His Disciples, ‘Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you’, can truly say to every group of Christian friends, (and I’d venture to say other friends as well), ‘Ye have not chosen one another, but I have chosen you for one another’. The friendship is not a reward for discriminating and good taste in finding one another out. It is the instrument by which God reveals to each the beauties of others.”

    I think of friends, old and new, and how many “coincidences” led to us meeting, and am amazed and how blessed I am. I am so grateful for being placed in each others’ paths.ReplyCancel

    • Sandra Turley - WOW! CS Lewis and I are pre-ordained to be besties in the life after this 🙂 And I have never heard this quote from him. Yet again, he is masterfully and spiritually correct. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

1890’s. Bicycles were proclaimed morally hazardous. 2017. Here we are, looking at our tween daughter, forecasting what changes will come and what need be made before her entry into middle school this fall. More specifically, we are preparing to have “the talk” with her. Not the sex talk – that’s old news – you practically […]

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  • Erik - So true! Thanks for writing Sandra. And now I think we’d all benefit from riding bikes a little more often : )ReplyCancel

  • anne - Spring has finally sprung in Idaho as evidenced by the many cyclists out on the roads. As I was slowing and driving around them on our way home from school pickup, I recalled just what a maniac I was on my bike as a kid – cutting through yards, running red lights, skipping the intersection altogether and just dodging across the highway. It’s probably good my mom didn’t know or she’d have even more gray hair. (At least, I think she didn’t know…mom’s sometimes do but don’t tell.) I thought about if what kinds of things my kids will want to do on their bikes as we drove past a skate park. (Eek!)

    Loved your take on this! Embracing the blessings, being aware of the dangers and making conscious decisions.

    And that David McCullough book has been on my “to read” list for years and years. My mission was over in VA/NC and it developed an intrigue about that great leap (literally) of technology.ReplyCancel

Genesis paints a picture of the beginning. Earth in it’s perfect, Edenic state. And then came the choice. Then the fall. Since the fall, the perfect earth was downgraded and mankind learned to work, even to toil and till and sweat to obtain food, increase, knowledge, and pleasure. (Study Genesis 3 & Moses 5)     […]

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We experience life in Time.  God does not. Meaning, our earthly beings have only one way to understand life and that is with past, present and future.  Time.  Our minds and even our souls cannot begin to fathom life without Time to tell us where we are in our journey.  We thrive on growth, physical […]

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