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Just like last year, I have not made a list of new year resolutions, rather I have listened for the phrase.   The phrase that will lead and guide my choices this year.  The phrase that will be whispering through all my conversations.  The phrase that will bring perspective to all challenges and triumphs ahead.

Last year, my phrase was “Purify Your Motives” – and I loved thinking about it all year so much that I kinda just want to keep it forever and never change!  So I will keep it.  Forever part of the building of “me.”  But I will add to it with another phrase this year.

My 2016 phrase rang loud and clear to my heart as soon as I began to listen for it:


“Eternity is Now” – It’s a concept I have begun to ponder in respect to all of life’s choices and happenings.  We often think of eternity as being so far away…the life after this one…a life form that is hoped for but not tangible yet to our finite brains.  But really, eternity has no beginning and no end, so why do we see eternity is being ahead of us.  Eternity is now.  Hoping for an eternal family is actually making an eternal family now.  Hoping for an eternal marriage is actually living an eternal marriage now.  Hoping for an eternal friendship with my children is actually living an eternal friendship with them now.  This concept is going to grow and become far more profound to me as I ponder it all year long.  Surely this phrase will guide my decisions, my attitude and my relationships starting Now and for Eternity.