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A new year. A new phrase. And this phrase is going to be a hard one. Each year, instead of creating a list of resolutions, I listen for “the phrase.” The phrase for 2016 was “Eternity is Now.” All year long my mind drew back to this idea, this picture, this concept, and in turn […]

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  • Anne - Thank you for this! I had a similar epiphany last conference. There is a Mormon Tabernacle Choir member that we refer to as “the happy lady” because she always looks so happy. During conference, my 6-year-old and I were discussing what it could be that makes her happy. At one point he said, “Mom, I bet you would be happier if you didn’t have kids because kids stress you out.” Ugh! I felt awful. I reassured him that my kids give me the most happiness and then went to grab some snacks and control my tears. I realized I needed to work on letting my family see my joy but didn’t know how to do that. Within hours, President Nelson came to the rescue with a great talk on the topic. I studied it and others and even tried to track down “the happy lady” but then the busy-ness of life crept in. Thank you for this reminder.ReplyCancel

    • Sandra Turley - Thanks for your thoughts, Anne!
      I can’t wait to look for “the Happy Lady” in April!!!! (Though it could be a little bit like “Where’s Waldo”!)ReplyCancel

  • Edie Jones - Thank you for these inspiring thoughts. Remembering that the most important work is done within the walls of our own homes should be constantly in our forethoughts, but it is often not. It a constant effort to chose the best, I will remember your phrase for the year and implement it in my own life.ReplyCancel

  • chichi - Again, you sing a high C with such grace and ease. Clear as a dew drop on a lilac, sweet as the nectar from a vine, your voice hits each note with precision and passion. You sing it like it is…and like it should be. O how inspired I am to sing along in harmony. If only I knew where the water bucket is!


  • Marriett Campbell - Thank you Sandra for this Thought. It goes along well with Pres. Uchtdorf’s theme of Bloom Where Your are Planted. This means we cannot always pick the spot where we live, but we can grow and bloom wherever this place is where we are planted. You add now water these plants and pull out the negatives.ReplyCancel

  • Robertaa - Just have to say “Thank You”. You are an amazing sister you are close to the spirit and I love reading your articles. One thing I love, is they are short, sweet and when you are finished reading you feel the spirit and know you yourself can be better. Thank you so much for sharing and helping me to remember who I am, and helping me to become stronger!! I hope sometime in this life or the next life I have a chance to meet and hug you sweet Sisters!!ReplyCancel

  My cousin is a widow. She is too young to be a widow. In the dark hours of the night, her husband’s spirit unexpectedly and quietly left this world. She woke to find his body there but the breath of life, gone. Just a month after her loss, I gathered both my courage and […]

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I am not Mormon. Mormon was an ancient Prophet and historian. I am not him. For those who ask my religious affiliation, if I respond that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, most likely you look at me with confusion until I add the tag line, “I am […]

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  • Julie - I love this! In my gospel doctrine class a few years ago, the teacher asked: “What is the core of our doctrine, the most central theme of our church from which all other doctrine flows?” A brother responded, “the Book of Mormon.” Then others answered “families” and “service.” I was appalled (and borderline offended), so I immediately blurted out “It’s Jesus Christ!” I’d never before noticed the pervasive identity crisis among members of our church. We belong to Jesus Christ’s church, and He is the central theme from which all church doctrine is derived. We must recognize our own identity before expecting the world to recognize it.

    BTW, you’re a fabulous writer!ReplyCancel

My brain simply does not retain scripture. I can sing hymns to you, but ask me to recite a favorite scripture and I suddenly lose all confidence and wish I could hide behind a curtain. Our brains are wired differently when it comes to retention of God’s scripture. Regardless of our ability, I take comfort […]

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We are abolitionists. As a couple, we support the work of Operation Underground Railroad with all our hearts. O.U.R works tirelessly to save children from the hell that has been thrust upon them in lands all around the globe.  Slavery did not end with Abraham Lincoln.  Sex slavery must be abolished and we all must […]

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